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 September 21

by Carolina

The only known footage from two highly influential Sex Pistols gigs was sold at auction for £ 15,000.

The concert was held at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall in 1976 and, despite its limited capacity, was still attended by many who became part of Manchester’s biggest star in the music scene.

A spokesman for the Omega Auction, which sold footage shot by music fan Mark Roberts, said its historical significance is unquestionable as it is “the only known footage of the gig.”

Famous faces attended included 17-year-old singer Stephen Morrissey. He became known as Smith’s frontman Morrissey.

He was so inspired by what he saw that night that he then wrote to the music magazine NME, saying, “I want to see a pistol make it.”

Other notable names in the crowd include Joy Division and New Order bandmates Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook, who said the evening had such an impact on him. I had suggested before.

Also, one of the gigs was the late Factory Records and Tony Wilson, the pinnacle of the Haçienda Nightclub.

Earlier this month, Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon called some of his ex-bandmates “greedy” and “troublesome.”

Former punk band drummer Paul Cook and guitarist Steve Jones are trapped in a high court battle with Rydon, who played in a group under the name Johnny Lotten, and played their songs in the directed television drama “Pistol.” Made by Disney by Danny Boyle, who was allowed to use it.

The 65-year-old Rocker claimed that the truck could not be used without his consent, but Cook and Jones agreed that the 1998 agreement (Band Member Agreement (BMA)) was based on a majority standard. Sex Pistols music license.

And last week’s ruling decided that, under the terms of the band members’ agreement, the pair had the right to exercise a majority vote against the singer in connection with the use of the Sex Pistols material in the series.

And now, Redon, who branded the consequences of his lost court battle as “destructive” and “dishonest,” accused his ex-bandmate and claimed he was a “two-million-pound fleet.” bottom.

At the opening night of his massive “I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right” spoken word tour this week, he yelled: But c’est la vie. “

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