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 November 5

by Carolina

November 5, 2021   |  

Photo courtesy of Blair Devereaux

Publicist Taroue Brooks is an event planner and celebrity booking agent from Gary, Indiana. Brooks has worked with BET and received an Emmy nomination for a thoughtful tribute he did to Black musicians. During a recent interview with rolling out, Brooks shared advice about social engagement in terms of what information and content is acceptable and detrimental to celebrities.

How did you get started in PR?

After leaving BET, I started my business as an event planner, raising money for charities. I always include a celebrity to host as a special guest or perform to raise the height and success of the event. So, fast-forward, I’m flying back from London and I’m reading this magazine about these three white girls calling themselves publicists.

I saw the little checklist and I’m going down the list saying, “I do that and this. Should I start charging for it?” So, that’s what I did.

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