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 June 29

by Carolina

Priyanka Chopra Jonas claimed she was “not for public consumption.”

The 38-year-old actress has vowed to “always protect” the private aspects of her life that she does not want to share with the world.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph columnist Claire Cohen’s “Scammer” podcast, she said: Anyone who ever knows me and my trajectory may think they know me, [they] please do not. And I always protect that side of me.

“I’m not for public consumption just because my work is public, but I think it’s the part of dealing with the devil and the parcel.”

Priyanka, who is married to pop star Nick Jonas, has been praised by critics for her role as Pinky Madam in this year’s Netflix crime drama “White Tiger,” but she’s getting her skin tones landing. The kind of role she wants to play, insisting that she must do twice as much effort.

The Indian star explains:

“Just because you made a hit movie doesn’t mean you have to expect the next movie, it will be loved by everyone.”

She continued. “I don’t think it’s in people’s consciousness to see brown people play the leading role in mainstream television shows and movies.

“I’m about to start the kind of work I was looking for when I came to America many years ago.”

The “Baywatch” star experienced racism from an early age when she moved to the United States to live with her aunt.

She remembered being told, “I will return to your country with the elephant you came from.”

She states: “Bullying is an abuse of power. And racism is just a basic stupidity. It’s medieval, almost … it’s crazy for me.”

And now that she’s an international star, if she gets the chance to talk to those bullies, she wants to sit with them and challenge the discussion about their insensitive remarks.

Priyanka said: “When I was in my twenties, it would have been like,” How far have you come, b ****? “

“But now, if you’re a more mature person in your thirties, it’s probably like’Let’s sit down for a cup of coffee’… now dive under the water.”

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