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 June 21

by Carolina

Princess Diana delayed her return from France to the United Kingdom before she died to avoid the “trouble” of the Campaign to Ban Landmines.

The late princess, who died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, was scheduled to return to London on August 28, 1997, but she was upset and decided to extend her trip for three days at the last minute. did. With negative attention attracted to her call to a device that should be banned, her previous driver and caring Colin Tebat revealed.

Colin told the Daily Mail: “She didn’t come back on Thursday as the Tories attacked her again over land mines. She was accused of using the campaign to enhance her image.

“So she contacted us and said she didn’t want to do the hassle of waiting for her in the UK. Instead, she’ll be back on the weekends.

“If she comes back that Thursday … maybe we’re all alive today.”

Diana sought a mine ban in January last year after visiting Angola, but conservative defense minister Earl Howe said she was a “loose cannon” and “enough on the issue of antipersonnel landmines.” There is no information. “

And in August 1997, while on vacation with his boyfriend Dodi Fayed, who died in the same accident, Diana interviewed a French newspaper and was asked about the British mine police.

In connection with the exiled conservative government, she replied, “The former was very desperate,” and Tony Blair’s Labor Party reportedly felt “trying to do a great job” and urged further criticism. ..

Colin remembered how difficult it was to hide Diana from the Kensington Palace dwelling.

He states: “Kensington Palace has four gates, and photographers were at all of them every day, waiting and watching.

“I was always a cat and a mouse. I was always planning, but sometimes I didn’t know where to go until she got in the car and told me. I didn’t have GPS, but London was behind me. I knew that.

“If we get to invisible Battersea, we need to make some plans, so I got this antique, tattered old Volvo.

“When I was ready, I sent her regular car at one gate and a second decoy car at another gate to pull out the paparazzi. Then I asked my boss to ride behind Volvo. I covered it with a blanket and hung it. Raise two of my suits (to block) the rear window. “

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