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 May 25

by Carolina

Prince William made fun of his wife’s musical talent during a royal visit to Scotland.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess visited Heavy Sound CIC, a Scottish community interest company that provides music, creative arts and sports activities to people in disadvantaged areas, and Catherine tried several sound mixing. ..

But Prince William jokingly made fun of her about music. “Turn it off, it’s hurt my ears.”

After pressing a button on the machine, the wife laughed and covered her ears and heard the results.

And when they left, she said, “I’m sorry to leave such a terrible song. Delete it, delete it!”

On the same day, William and Catherine also visited a group of Sikh Sanjog children who are part of the Sikh community group.

There, I met young children and their parents while helping to bake sweets at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The couple’s official Twitter account said, “In the cafe kitchen of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, we created a storm with Seek Sanjog, where the Duke and the Duchess prepared a meal to distribute to vulnerable families throughout the Edinburgh community. . “

During the visit, the royal couple also heard about the “significant support” that Turningpoint Scotland is providing to tackle the “crime and addiction cycle.”

The account states: “Turning Point Scotland is working to break the cycle of crime and addiction. Today, the Duchess and Duchess visit the North Lanarkshire center to organize organizations for those facing complex and difficult situations. I heard about the important support we provide. “

In a post covering the entire trip, they added: “Addiction and violence are one of the most difficult social problems we face as a society.

“Scotland isn’t the only one to tackle these challenges, but the organizations we saw today have shown that work is underway to restructure them.

“For many affected by addiction and violence, it also reminds us that the root cause can be traced back to the first year of a person’s life.”

Prince William teases his wife with “musical skills” | Celebrities

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