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 September 25

by Carolina

Prince Charles has signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video.

The 72-year-old royal family piloted a RE: TV channel on its own content platform last year, but now agrees to a deal with a streaming giant to send his environmental message to more viewers. doing.

Charles, Editor-in-Chief of RE; TV, said:

“Therefore, RE: TV was founded with the aim of capturing the will and imagination of mankind and defending the most exciting solutions for sustainability around the world.

“We hope that this partnership with Prime Video will bring these exciting innovations and ideas to more viewers and show together what is possible in pursuing a sustainable future. increase.”

This channel focuses solely on green issues and provides “solutions that work to accelerate a more sustainable future.”

RE: A TV spokesperson said: Sustainable economy “

Programs on this channel include “Recycling Everything,” which validates TerraCycle’s efforts to recycle hard-to-reuse materials, “Remapping Restoration,” a profile of the data-sharing environment platform Restor, and “Refueling Aviation,” which visits Lanzatech in Chicago. there is. A company that develops sustainable aviation fuels.

Charles called for more action to address environmental issues before it was too late.

He states: “The finely woven tapestry of life is arguably one of the greatest wonders of our universe.

“In order to support us for future generations, we must urgently reverse the exploitation of nature. Putting nature at the center of our economic model has long been delayed. ..

“We have the right mind and the right technology. We know what we have to do.

“We must now focus our efforts and actions in the same direction in the largest and most effective global alliance the world has ever seen.

“There is hope, but we need to put together our actions, and we need to remember. The world supports us.”

Prince Charles’s autograph deals with Amazon Prime Video | Celebrities

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