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 April 23

by Carolina

People are not happy with an Iraqi prank TV show that sees celebrities frightened to within an inch of their life just for a laugh.

In much the same way as Punk’d, the Middle Eastern programme called Tanneb Rislan sees famous people duped into scenarios that are designed to provoke a reaction.

While the celebrities in the US might have to deal with a scratched car, A-listers in Iraq have to deal with getting ‘kidnapped’ by fake ISIS soldiers.

A clip uploaded to YouTube shows comic actress Nessma lose consciousness when she’s fitted with a dummy suicide vest.

According to the Daily Mail, the celebrities are tricked into going to a home for a charitable project where they are told a family there has escaped from Islamic State and are trying to rebuild.

It’s there that actors dressed up as terrorists begin a fake attack.

A simulated explosion happens and forces everyone inside, where the fake ISIS fighters pretend to take the celebrity hostage. Nessma watched in horror as loads of flag-waving actors dressed in terrorist regalia storm the building she’s in and tie her up.

She screams in horror at the scenario and passes out when the ‘fighters’ put a ‘suicide vest’ around her chest. She loses consciousness for a second time outside and only then is when the ‘terrorists’ tell her it was all a funny, hilarious prank.

Nessma seems absolutely relieved she wasn’t about to die.

Credit: Tanneb Rislan
Credit: Tanneb Rislan

It was a similar story when Iraqi international footballer Alaa Mhawi appeared on the show. He begged for his life when he was ‘kidnapped’ and threatened with death.

In fits of tears and screams, the athlete yelled at his captors: “I’m your brother, I’m Iraqi and I represent the whole nation.”

He, too, is fitted with a fake bomb while gunshots ring out near his face until he’s told it was just an elaborate ruse to get viewers at home roaring with laughter.

Credit: Tanneb Rislan
Credit: Tanneb Rislan

However, many are not finding the funny side to the programme that’s being broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan. Pranking celebrities is a custom during this period, according to the Daily Mail, however some viewers reckon Tanneb Rislan has gone too far.

One person wrote on social media: “‘I don’t see what pleasure you could get watching these people being tortured in this way.”

Another added: “This isn’t entertainment.”

A third said: “Next year, we’ll have Saddam. Or we can throw guests into a river like the victims of Speicher.”

The show is underwritten by a state-sponsored paramilitary coalition called Hashed al-Shaabi, who helped remove Islamic State from several Iraqi cities.

They have a role in the programme as the heroes of the day.

They also have guns pointed in their faces and are told they’re getting executed, all in the name of a laugh.

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