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 January 27

by Carolina

Popperazzi Po vs. King Earner

BLK PRIME presents “Guns Down Gloves Up” Celebrity Boxing Match Featuring Popperazzi Po VS King Earner. (BLK PRIME)BLK PRIME

These boxing matches between entertainers just keep coming.

Not too long after the official fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren was made public, BLK PRIME—a video subscription platform that caters to a diverse, global audience—announced the impending fight between rapper Popperazzi Po and YouTuber King Earner.

So, here’s the beef history: King Earner has been pretty open in his criticism of Popperazzi Po’s father, Alpo Martinez, a former drug dealer who became an informant. After Earner exchanged some heated words with Martinez senior, Po himself headed to the studio for a little face-to-face confrontation to defend his father’s name.

The dust still hasn’t really settled. Now, the two have a chance to formally battle it out in the ring.

“We wanted to give these two men an opportunity to end this once and for all, and what better way than in an environment which neither has any edge over the other,” says Craig Vaughn, Chief Strategy Officer at BLK Prime. “Additionally, it moves the fight from the streets to the ring, and knowing this fight is something that the fans want to see—by making it available online around the world for only $10, BLK PRIME has achieved its goal.”

In preparation for this fight, both Earner and Po are training under the tutelage of some pretty esteemed boxing names.

Earner on his end is training with Philly native and Hall of Famer, Ivan Robinson, former USBA and NABF lightweight titles champion.

Po, on the other hand, is training with both Hector Camacho Jr. and Zab Judah.

The bout between Popperazzi Po and King Earner is scheduled to take place on March 6 at 8 p.m. (EST) on BLK PRIME. Subscription cost is only $3.99 a month.

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