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 June 29

by Carolina

5:19 am PDT, June 29, 2021

Charles and Camilla have weapons for the next time someone tries to leave the royal family.

The Home Depot still has better nails than Machine Gun Kelly.

Sorry, should I feel sorry for the new single Alex Rodriguez?

This may be the only proven way to protect yourself from Caldasian.

Jon Hamm knows this isn’t as unpleasant as Spirit Airlines’ flight.

Shailene Woodley is a better blocker than Aaron Rodgers’ aggressive lineman.

50 Cent hasn’t seen so much smoke since dating Snoop Dogg.

Is it really called the “old wind” when the Queen passes through the gas?

Judging from what happened with past “single” stars, Taisia ​​Adams and Zack Clark may already be looking for the next relationship.

The original “cruel intent” scene reduced our “board”.

He’s still a pop star, as Shawn Mendes wants us to think he’s a rocker.

Perhaps the only thing that needs to be revived more is the sale of Serena Gomez’s album.

Perhaps because of the late-night show, we always saw Jimmy Kimmel like a joker.

After all these years, Jennifer Lopez is still at the top of her game.

Even in the pandemic, Elsa Pataky’s life is not on track.

Kate Mara always has a roof overhead.

Unlike all those “Instagram models”, Keri Russell is actually thirsty.

KJ Apa is requesting BYOV: Bring Your Own Vegetation from his party guests.

Robin Roberts marches on her next exclusive interview …

Al Pacino is having a hard time hiding his scarface.

“Did you get free liquor to my house? Your move, Republicans” – Molly Sims

Chrissy Teigen’s cheeks weren’t very covered when she was participating in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And you thought Claire Crawley was the oldest bachelor involved in roses.

Woods? Iron? putter? Pup! Macklemore is his own “driver” on the golf course.

Suits in the 1980s were like “shoulder pads were fierce”. Billy Porter’s proceedings are like “having a beer.”

Recently, fans seem to be having a hard time digesting Kyle Richards’ actions in “The Real Housewife in Beverly Hills.”

Three hours after the Academy Awards, Chloe Zhao’s mini-bottle was more coveted than Oscar.

Piers Morgan’s sweater is almost as uncomfortable as his point of view.

Noah Cyrus wondered if it was Couture or Kotex.

After this burrito, Indiana Jones may have visited Tam’s temple.

Ironically, Prince William can’t even establish a relationship with his brother so far.

Next time, may Adam Driver have a fork with you.

She has been Vice President for several hours and Kamala Harris has already lost focus.

George Stephanopoulos can also be overwhelmed by politicians in “Good Morning America.”

This is strange, but weekend dancers are basically wearing official Los Angeles residents’ uniforms. # Plastic surgery

Does Tiffany Trump accept the results of this game?

Is there anything about Penne, yeah, Matt Dillon?

Sammy Hagar needed a bigger ball to take over Van Halen.

Miley Cyrus may have appeared in all Whitesnake music videos of the 80’s.

This Mario Lopez friend misses the days when the only thing that offended her was a supper conversation.

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