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 September 28

by Carolina

Pete Doherty is engaged to Katya de Vidas.

A 42-year-old musician who has been cleaning heroin for over two years recently asked his longtime girlfriend, who was seen wearing a sparkling engagement ring.

According to MailOnline, the beloved couple (who have been together since 2012) are actually engaged “for a while” and have opted to stay silent about their news so far.

Pete and Katya now live in France, and a musician who was previously engaged to Kate Moss has recently successfully reviewed his lifestyle.

Former Babyshambles have lived happily away from the spotlight and have revealed that they have been free of heroin for more than two years.

Pete recently discussed the fight against addiction and his musical career and told BBC Scotland: , I’m still writing music. “

The singer had an 18-year-old son called Astyle because of his relationship with Lisa Moorish, and in 2009 it was proposed that he be banned from seeing his son because of drug addiction.

However, Pete, who has an Eisling (9 years old) with model Lindi Hingston, then participated in a rehab to clean up and eventually reunited with Astyle.

Lisa, the lead singer of the indie band Kill City in the early 2000s, previously said:

“But when he got out of rehab last year and started taking his life because I thought he was right. I want a father in Astyle.”

Pete Doherty and Katya de Vidas are engaged | Celebrities

Source link Pete Doherty and Katya de Vidas are engaged | Celebrities

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