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 January 24

by Carolina

TikTok users are pranking their parents by pretending they know celebrities and the parents are going along with it.

Tragic news for parents, your kids are once again using your lack of pop culture knowledge for laughs. In a new TikTok prank, people are sending a photo of a celebrity to their parents and passing them off as a friend, to which many parents surprisingly admit to recalling.

TikToker Becca Moore first started the trend last year when she asked her mom to recall her “ex-boyfriends” in a video. Moore proceeded to show her mom several photos of very famous celebrities including Nick Jonas and Harry Styles.

“Yeah I kind of remember him,” Moore’s mother says to a photo of Zac Efron

“Was he from church?” Her mom asks in response to a photo of Harry Styles.

Moore’s video gained over 2.3 million views. Now, people are making the trend more elaborate by creating outrageous storylines to see how far their parents will go along with the lie.

TikTok user @literallycallie posted a video pranking her mom with the caption, “Moms. They’ll believe anything”.

Callie texted her mom asking if she remembered her ‘friend from volleyball’ aka TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio. Once her mother said “yes”, Callie made up a story claiming her volleyball friend is dating a 53-year-old man. Callie used photos of Eric Dane aka Nate’s dad, Cal, from the show Euphoria.

Callie’s mother agrees she remembers seeing the man at the volleyball games.

“I would be too second hand embarrassed to do this oh my god,” TikToker @coldwetbasementnoodles commented.

A screenshot of the conversation between Callie and her mother in the viral TikTok@literallycallie / TikTok

Another TikTok user, @megannraee, similarly pranked her mother with a photo of social media influencer Tana Mongeau. In her storyline, she used photos of singer-songwriter Lorde, and Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation”.

Like Callie, Megan’s mother claimed she remembered everyone in the video from Megan’s 7th grade softball days.

Proof that moms will believe ANYTHING. #fyp #tanamongeau #mikethesituation #lorde


Proof that moms will believe ANYTHING. #fyp #tanamongeau #mikethesituation #lorde

Proof that moms will believe ANYTHING. #fyp #tanamongeau #mikethesituation #lorde

Other users have used celebrities like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to convince their parents they know them personally.

We’re just wondering why parents are confirming they know these total strangers.

Original posted at www.indy100.com

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