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 July 12

by Carolina

Patricia Heaton celebrated three years of “freedom from alcohol.”

The actress of “Everybody Loves Raymond” provided her help and support to others who are thinking or trying to quit drinking and asked her to contact her by sending a message on Twitter.

She went on a hike in a video posted on the platform on Saturday (10.07.21), saying, “We celebrate the freedom of the country in July, and for me three years of freedom from alcohol.

“So I just wanted to share it with you. And if any of you are thinking of doing it, please send me a message. Have a nice day.”

The 63-year-old actress explained last year that she quit alcohol because she enjoyed alcohol in 2018. She still misses drinking, but I’m sure she made the right choice.

She said. “I miss it terribly, but at the end of the day I feel better.

“I realized I was looking forward to a cocktail every night, and if I happened to go to lunch, I might have a glass of wine or Prosecco.”

And Patricia, married to David Hunt, fears going the same way after seeing statistics showing that women in their 30s and 40s who drink moderately may become alcoholic as they get older. I did.

She states: “I think it means that your kids have left home and there is no longer anything that has fixed you.

“You’re a little in the ocean, so reach for the bottle to reduce uncertainty. I felt a little myself …. quit. [drinking], And my life has improved significantly. My child is in his mid-20s and will probably be in his 70s by the time his grandson is born. I want to be healthy for them. “

Patricia Heaton Celebrate Sober Three Years | Celebrities

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