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 June 4

by Carolina

Paris Hilton will publish a memoir.

The 40-year-old businessman reportedly granted new memoir rights to Dey Street Books, the publisher of HarperCollins, the same company that published Jessica Simpson’s best-selling Open Book in March this year. It is reported that it was sold.

According to page 6, Paris purchased memoirs through UTA literary agent Albert Lee, and the next publication was acquired by Day Street editorial director Carrie Thornton.

Dey Street describes Paris’s memoirs as “very honest and very personal,” and “Hilton shares the real Paris Hilton as the celebrity persona evolves.” I added.

An insider from a publisher reportedly hoped that a former “simple life” star could take advantage of his memoirs “Jessica Simpson’s book success and nostalgia for pop culture in the early 2000s.” I told page 6 that I was out.

At the time of writing, there is no title for the book and no release date has been confirmed.

However, Paris may elaborate on her life as an icon of pop culture after being previously published in her YouTube documentary series “This Is Paris”.

In this series, the beauty talked about the abuse she suffered when she was 17 years old at Provo Canyon School in Utah, and then said she shot the infamous 2003 sex tape in the wake of her traumatic experience at school. It was.

She explains: When I left that school, I felt very at a loss … I would never forgive such a person in my life without such an experience. Therefore, I I never put myself in such a situation. But I just wanted love very much. I didn’t really know. I was very naive. And I believed in the wrong person. And that’s what I regret for the rest of my life.

“I think people who watch the movie will see a completely different side, and they will understand that I am human and I have emotions.”

Paris also claimed that she hadn’t talked about her time at school for years because she was “very grateful and very happy to be free” and “did not want to talk about it.”

She added: I thought I should never talk about this. Don’t think And the moment I got out of the building, I decided to never tell this story to anyone.

Paris Hilton Releases Memoirs | Celebrities

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