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 July 12

by Carolina

Paris Hilton has landed her own cooking show on Netflix.

The 40-year-old social celebrity and DJ will collaborate with the “Cooking With Paris” streaming giant based on the YouTube video of the same name, and will be released worldwide on August 4th in six 30-minute episodes.

At the show, Paris, a non-trained chef, invites a celebrity friend to his house to cook.

According to variety, Netflix said Paris embraced her “very new tame side” and “learned sautéing, charring and enthusiasm”, her “cooking expertise (or lack), charm”. Kitchen Wardrobe, Holding a Party “Skills with Her Fab Celebrity Friends”.

Paris tweeted: “I’m so excited !! Next month I’ll be back on TV, and this time I’ll take over the kitchen! My new show #CookingWithParis on August 4th at @Netflix Only premiered. Enjoy more announcements! #ThatsHotFire #ChefParis. “

Paris will also be executive producer of the show, along with Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman and Rebecca Hertz.

Meanwhile, Paris was engaged to Carter Reum earlier this year, not only preparing for all the big day features in her new reality TV series “Paris in Love,” but also their fiancée on the show. I confirmed that it will be a part.

She states: “We have started shooting a new show,” Paris in Love, “at Peacock. In fact, I’m shooting in New York, preparing for a dress fitting and planning a bachelorette party. We have a lot. ..

“So I’m really excited to share it with all my fans.”

When asked if the wedding itself would air, she confirmed “yes”.

The “Starsare Blind” hit maker teases her wedding to be “magical fun” and her beloved dog attends the ceremony.

She said: “You know, I’m not your traditional bride. I must have my little Chihuahua, a diamond baby.”

Paris praised Carter as her “Prince Charming” and claimed she had never met someone like him.

Asked how his support felt, she said, “You’re going to make me cry and ask such a question. I’ve never met a guy like this in my life. ..

“I’ve never been with someone who loved me so much, supported me, lifted me up, and wasn’t afraid.

“”[He] My best friend, Prince Charming is all in one. “

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