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 September 17

by Carolina

Pamela Anderson has joined the battle to protect the Antarctic waters.

Former “Bay Watch” actress has recently made a name for himself as an activist in collaboration with groups such as PETA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. She is currently participating in a battle to maintain the natural habitat of Antarctica.

She states: “The state of our planet affects all our lives. Many people play a major role in the functioning of our planet, even in Antarctica, one of the farthest regions of the world. I’m not aware of what I’m doing. We need to do everything we can to protect it, and that’s why I participated in this campaign. “

The electric current that surrounds Antarctica feeds nutrients into the rest of the world’s oceans, regulates the world’s climate system, and ultimately keeps the planet cool.

Pamela, a frank advocate of veganism, also explained why she participated in this long-running campaign that fought for animal rights.

She states: “I have been an activist for over 20 years and I am increasingly understanding how important it is to fundamentally rethink our relationships with nature and animals. The state of our planet is all our lives. Many people are unaware that even Antarctica, one of the farthest regions in the world, plays a major role in how our planet works. I participated in this campaign because I need to do everything I can to protect it. “

When member states meet at CCAMLR’s annual meeting in October 2021, they urge authorities to agree to create three marine protected areas.

A 54-year-old former Playboy cover star urged world leaders and politicians to take action when speaking about a campaign called Antarctica 2021.

She states: “World leaders need to strengthen their games and exercise true political leadership. We can build history this year by protecting these areas of Antarctica and ensuring the best marine conservation activities ever. You can, because otherwise you will lose too much. “

Pamela Anderson fights to protect the Antarctic waters | Celebrities

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