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 June 9

by Carolina

Noel Gallagher’s doctor ordered him to refrain from alcohol.

Locker, 54, admitted that the party had given him “several time-outs” after the GP warned that his health was due to lack of sleep and overdrinking.

According to the Daily Mail, he said:

“When I went to the doctor, I said,’I have this pain and I feel sick.’

“He said,’Yeah, it’s awkward. Did you sleep?’” Na … “” Have you ever drank? “” Yeah “” How much? “‘F **** ing s *** Road. ‘”

The “Champen Super Nova” hit maker is trying to accept the advice, but admits it’s difficult because it’s boring.

He added: “I’m moving slowly, but I have nothing else to do.”

A former oasis locker, he admitted that he gained weight during lockdown because he was drinking every night.

He said in March:

“Like you guys, I drink at home every night for a year, but I don’t usually do this.

“I usually drink alcohol on the road every night, and when I get home, I quit drinking for a while and get back to normal. Or I play twice a week at night, so I don’t drink at home.

“I drink every week. I love it, but I started wearing baggy clothes, so let’s say that. I saw it and thought,’It’s shameful.’ Was

But Noel, with 21-year-old Anais, ex-wife Meg Matthews and 13-year-old Donovan, and 10-year-old Sony and wife Sarah McDonald, claims they aren’t too worried about their physique because they’re still exercising. did.

He added: “I go to the gym on a regular basis, so it’s not that bad.”

Noel Gallagher Orders to Reduce Drinking | Celebrities

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