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 July 14

by Carolina

(CBS) – Surprise is finally out on CBS tonight Secret Celebrity Renovation Series debut on 8 / 7c, streaming is also possible Paramount + Or the CBS app. Secret Celebrity RenovationOrganized by Nischel Turner, sees some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment behind the curtains and surprises some very special people from their upbringing with incredible home renovations. ..

CBS Matt Weiss told Nischelle Turner what to expect from tonight’s premiere and the heartfelt first season of the show.

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MW: Hello Nicole, I’m glad to meet you! Secret Celebrity Renovation Debut tonight at 8pm on CBS and Paramount +. Please tell us about the premise of the show.

NT: This is a renovation show with the greatest heart ever. The sinful joy of meeting your favorite A-list celebrities and trying out their loved ones in several episodes to help refurbish them for their loved ones. We really look at the celebrities we love, which we have never seen before. I call this pulling the veil back. Because I’ve been covering entertainment for a long time and interviewed so many celebrities, you love them, but you always get a really organized package. You are getting them as their best self. Well, in this series we are getting them in the most vulnerable spaces.

You get them in the story of their origins in their hometown, with their family who sometimes don’t care if they are Wayne Brady’s “Triple Threat”. They know very little about Wayne Brady running around the house. We really saw them in space, met people we had never met, and started talking about how they became our loved ones.

Many times, it includes the person who made a difference in their lives. That person who believed in them when no one else believed. That person who saw a superstar in them when we didn’t see or no one saw.

They have the opportunity to thank the person. I think he is in our lives, where we all put us on a different track just because they believed in us. They did something for us, they took us, we want to thank you. You are coming to see it played in front of you every Friday night.

MW: That’s a great concept. I’m not going to lie, but when I first saw the show title, Punk’d Where you were trying to surprise them with a renovation of their own home.

NT: [Laughs] It’s very interesting. When disassembled in a sense, Punk’d, But it’s probably a very nice version.

Celebrities sometimes tell people and recipients, “Hey, I’m going to do something at home.” That way, they may or may not know anything at all. Chris Paul didn’t say anything to Grandma. Until you show this to her on the camera and see her face, what are you going to do in my house where I have lived for 51 years and no one has. What have you touched?

They are moments in their own right. From time to time, celebrities will tell them a little about what we are doing. After all, refurbishment and transformation is still a big moment and a big surprise.

MW: What was the most rewarding part for you?

NT: Oh, well, well, the whole process. I don’t even know if it’s part of the host, but I’m also the producer of the project for the first time. So we work from the inside, not the outside, to help shape the stories we are telling, the people we see, and the content people are consuming.

I think it’s the most valuable thing to me. I think it’s really important, especially in this time and space where you can hear different kinds of voices. Putting your hand in it means everything to me.

MW: Congrats! You mentioned him earlier, as you said “little” Wayne Brady. What are we going to see from this premiere episode with him?

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NT: Yeah, not Lil Wayne [laughs].. Full disclosure, Wayne is my best friend other than this. We have been very good friends for a long time. I think his family is like my family. When we were doing this series, I called him and said Wayne, you need to join this series because I also know his backstory. I know it’s full of love. It’s a little unconventional. I know he was trying to move his grandmother and aunt to Los Angeles for about 20 years.

He bought a house here and invited them to come, and they said, no, we’re not gone, we’re not moving. He had to come up with another method. He wanted to make a refurbishment for them.

This was a really great opportunity to throw himself into it, throw his heart into it, and throw his sweat equality into it, rather than throwing his money into it. After all, it made more sense to them. It made more sense to his aunt Lily that Wayne really came back and worked hard, and only knew to make her happy. It just meant the world.

Also, this episode is very interesting.

MW: Of course, that Wayne Brady.

NT: Really interesting. That is, listen, you come for a refurbishment and you stay for a chainsaw brady. I think chainsaw brady may spin off. [laughs]

MW: We would like to talk to some people on CBS, incorporate it into your work. As you mentioned earlier about Chris Paul, the show will also feature people such as Emmitt Smith, Lauren Arina and Boston Rob. Survivor, Boomer Essiason, lots of people. The last question before letting me go here. What do you want your fans to take away from the show?

NT: We are only giving you good things from start to finish. When you asked me, who was the celebrity who really did the most work, Boston Rob, head and shoulders. He was in a construction game and came in saying he would work me. This was great as he was refurbishing for his mother and father. His mom was so nice and the sacrifice she made gave up a really good job to go to a less paid job in college.

At Boston University, Rob was able to go to college for free and help his family. Those types are the ones we were working on. He really got in there. He was deeply rooted in the process from start to finish. It was really cool to see it.

Then there were people like Lauren Aligna who refurbished for the cheerleading coach, but this woman was more than that. In the episode, you might go think of a cheerleading coach, but no, this woman was in many ways her second mother. This was one of the most emotional episodes we’ve done. Lauren was so emotional that she could do this for her. It was really, really sweet.

Then there are people like Chris Paul and Emmitt Smith. This is some of the toughest people found on the courts and fields. When I told you, they were the biggest touchers we had and the most emotional we had, it was very heartwarming. I can’t even tell you how great it was to see these guys very vulnerable, but I’m very proud of what they were doing with their family. It was really great.

MW: You need to make sure your organization is ready. Nicole, thank you very much for talking to us today.

NT: Thank you, Matt!

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To suit Secret Celebrity Renovation Stream tonight on CBS on 8 / 7c, or on Paramount + and the CBS app. Check the local list for more information.

Nischelle Turner Shares Wayne Brady’s Heartwarming Tribute on “Secret Celebrity Renovation” – CBS Tampa

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