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 May 22

by Carolina

Nikki Reed once helped Ian Somerhalder escape the “terrible business situation.”

The 42-year-old actor has been married to Nikki since 2015 and was taken to Instagram to post a special message to his wife to commemorate his 33rd birthday.

He wrote on the photo sharing platform: “I haven’t announced this, but this woman worked selflessly for two years and built me ​​out of the terrible business situation I fell into. Before Nick and I got together, I founded the company. I shot a TVD that was important to me. I made a lot of investment and made a huge personal guarantee to the bank, but because of greed and fraud within the company, and fraud from the biggest customers. Not to mention the temporary collapse of the oil and gas industry. I was left in a hole in an eight figure. It was terrible. It’s a real nightmare every day. “

Ian, who has a three-year-old daughter called Bodhi with Nikki, acknowledges his wife’s achievements in helping him get his life back on track.

In particular, he praised her for helping build Brothers Bond’s beverage business.

Ian explained: “She devoted her life to freeing me from that turmoil, and it almost killed her on the way. I’m where I am for this woman. Brothers Bond Bourbon is for this woman I’m here today. I’ve been able to start my life over for this woman.

Needless to say, it was the most spectacular and truly humble experience. It hurts like hell, but as a family SHE let us through. It’s unrealistic. I owe her my health, my life, and my sanity. (Sic) “

Ian also described his wife as “Superwoman.”

He writes: “I pay tribute to this woman and thank her more than I imagined.

“Happy 33 You are an incredible angel of man. The light you radiate to our home and this planet is beyond stimulus. You are a superwoman. You are my life, my dream And made it possible to start over my life. The world needs people like you.


“Ian aka Baby Daddy [heart emoji] (Sic) “

Nikki Reed Helped Ian Somerhalder Escape the Financial Crisis | Celebrities

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