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 September 23

by Carolina

A woman accusing Nicki Minaj and her husband of harassing them is “sick of fear.”

Jennifer Huff filed a lawsuit against a “super-based” hit maker and her spouse Kenneth Petty last month, buying her and her family and making her a music industry expert in 1995. He claimed to have attempted to withdraw his allegations of rape. She explained that she decided to take action after being raped and “threatening” by a fellow 38-year-old singer.

She appeared in “The Real” on Wednesday (22.09.21), saying: The actions taken with respect to this whole situation feel like it has plunged me into another type of horror at my age now, and it was wrong. And I don’t want to be afraid anymore. So the only way to be afraid is to keep speaking. “

The woman remembered how the singer personally contacted her in March 2020, and then the situation escalated with her fellow donors.

She said: “She called me, and she said I said I would help them in the situation. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She Offered to fly me and my family to LA. I turned around and I told her from woman to woman that this really happened. Since then I have been with her I wasn’t talking.

“With them, as long as the money is related to the family, send people to negotiate numbers, and Nicky personally tells me about helping her and helping them in this situation. I got in touch.

“And the threat I faced because I kept saying no to all offers and all proposals. The last incident was when one of their peers put $ 20,000 on my lap. And I still kept saying no. The last message I received was that they were going to spend that money on my lap, so I should have taken that money. “

“The last incident was when one of their peers put $ 20,000 on my lap, and I still kept saying no.

“The last message I received was that I should have taken the money because they were going to spend that money to put it in my head.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter what your status is, you can’t intimidate people to make things better for you, and that’s what they did That is. “

Jennifer also denounced Nikki’s suggestion that she had a relationship with Kenneth-Kenneth first denied the charges of one rape, pleaded guilty to the rape attempt, and then finally. He was sentenced to prison for more than four years-at the time of the alleged case she was 16 years of age and admitted to “hurting” her allegations on Instagram.

She said. “I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I know that statement you made to the world is true.

“You have 150 million followers [on Instagram], And they all believed it. It hurts to come from another woman. “

Jennifer claimed in the proceedings that Nikki used her public profile to “beat” her and spread the truth about the facts surrounding the case.

She quoted Nicky’s 2018 Instagram post: “Kenny is 15 years old, she is 16 years old and has a relationship but connects to the internet.”

She also claimed to have violated the terms of his judicial transaction, claiming that Kenneth had “threatening” her directly and indirectly, saying that she was “silent” about the rape allegations. ..

The couple have not yet filed a proceeding.

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