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 November 11

by Carolina

One TV exec says the time may be up for the glut of Celebrity shows.

2021 may go down as the year with the most Celebrity TV casts on record, but their time may be up.

Networks faced challenges in getting productions made, bringing Australians across borders, at the same time as stars were available without work. So it resulted in a flurry of Celebrity shows.

But ratings for some are sliding as a result while shows with ‘unknowns’ have defied the odds: The Voice, Farmer Wants a Wife, Lego Masters, Australian Survivor were largely without celebrities and did good business.

Big Brother: VIP producers acknowledged they cast the show to attract headlines, which Gogglebox this week described as “a content farm for the internet.”

Nine’s Director of 9Now and Programming Hamish Turner agrees the time for Celebrity shows is at a premium.

“You can have clickbait but you also want to have nuance in there as well,” he told TV Tonight.

“In Celebrity Apprentice, there are probably people from the outset, who aren’t household names. But actually, they’ve been cast for character as part of a mix.

“I think the broader question is the sustainability of Celebrity shows. Let’s go through them: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Celebrity Apprentice, SAS Australia, Celebrity MasterChef… shall I keep going?

“We only have one show that sits in that space. Lego Masters, Love Island, Beauty & the Geek -they are all (non-celebrities).

“Even when we’re looking at commissioning, we are very concerned and conscious of shows the come in pitching celebrities as part of it, because you think, ‘How sustainable is this?’

5 Responses

  1. They are terrible, have they not learnt to rest concepts like that.

    Only crack them out very very occasionally

  2. I love celeb and returning players.

    This one person is complaining about five celebrity shows? Jungle, sas, celeb MasterChef (only came back this year and has been a delight to watch), apprentice and bb (also only came back this year) vs the non celebrity of Lego masters, the dog house, bachelor, bachelorette, paradise etc seasons, mafs, the block, farmer wants a wife, love island, beauty and the geek, the voice, sas hell week, amazing race, big brother etc. There is way more non celebrity shows then celebrity shows. You don’t like them don’t watch but don’t ruin it for everyone who does enjoy them.

  3. Britain keeps trying for Celebrity Naked Attraction. Somehow most Celebs they approach are reluctant. Can’t imagine why.

  4. I think the new trend (that I hope gets old quick) is returning players.

    Next year, BB and MasterChef are doing Fans/Favourites editions (with The Block having done so this year), while Survivor’s Blood/Water edition will feature returning players, in the mix with new players.

    Not to mention how MasterChef and Survivor are still fresh from doing a Full Returning Player season last year

  5. Like they wouldn’t have Celebrity Married at First Sight if they could find some so called celebs willing to do it.

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