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 April 9

by Carolina

Celebrities as grandparents, Viral Twitter trend, Social media viral, celebrities s ancestors, Trending news, Indian Express news.Actors, singers, politicians, and even reality TV personalities have all been featured in the trend.

Time and again, netizens have come up with several hilarious and bizarre trends that have set the internet on fire and the latest one to make the cut is trying to pass celebrities as one’s grandparents.

The now-viral trend involves positing a heavily edited or essentially a black-and-white photo of a celebrity and sharing it with a caption, claiming they are their ancestors.

According to several reports, the trend kick-started when Twitter user @ctrlzhara shared a black-and-white picture of actors Kiera Knightly and Cillian Murphy and claimed that the pair was her grandparents in Basra, Iraq in 1960.

my grandparents in basra, iraq (1960) pic.twitter.com/6WnWNIvhAh

— #yemencantwait (@ctrlzahra) March 30, 2021

However, the picture was in fact, a behind-the-scenes shot of the period drama ‘The Edge of Love’.

The tweet soon went viral, with many coming up with their versions of it. Actors, singers, politicians, and even reality TV personalities have all been featured in the trend.

Take a look at some of it here:

My grandma in the 60’s was a famous horse rider. So proud. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/Vz7AvhI77B

— hypatia (@actuallyhypatia) April 7, 2021

A picture of my grandma waiting for my grandpa to come back from fishing after dark in the 60s #truelove🥺 pic.twitter.com/VxXIajrrEi

— MANGOBRIYANI (@dasxtej) April 7, 2021

my grandma was such a baddie in the 60’s pic.twitter.com/iG50qfkI2h

— i am swag (@urmombby) April 3, 2021

My great grandma off to church in Barbados, 1893 pic.twitter.com/0rXMGr0Tvo

— marcus (@marcusjdl) April 3, 2021

My grandfather with his Tesla in 1963 pic.twitter.com/ykGAJM7CYo

— Astronaut 👨🚀 (@shibhhuu) April 5, 2021

my grandparents enjoying a Diwali party as newly weds, 1970 pic.twitter.com/lIdf1x5lHv

— meera (but like, the online version) (@TwoTweetsNotice) April 3, 2021

my great grandma hanging out with her British friend in pre-partition India pic.twitter.com/RyUIcZpzLz

— detective pikachu (@maaaallika) April 5, 2021

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