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 October 4

by Carolina

Natalie Imbrulia was about to leave the music industry forever after losing confidence.

The “torn” hit maker is back on the charts with his new album “Firebird” after a six-year break that took place after her self-esteem plummeted and her belief in musical talent.

She said, “I took a little time because I lost confidence. I was a judge for the Australian” X Factor “. I went to LA to study acting and do other things. “

Natalie, who first gained fame when she played Beth Brennan on the hit Australian soap Neighbors, recorded because her unlucky album “Come to Life” couldn’t beat the top 50. I dropped out of the label.

The 46-year-old pop star was speaking on the British television show “Ruth Wimin” when she made her revelation.

She says: “I was dropped on a record label. I didn’t get a complete release of the album I’ve been working on for three years, so I just thought,” Maybe I shouldn’t do this. ” People would probably be surprised that it’s been your life, but it happened. “

Natalie then admitted that she was scared when she tried to return to the music scene.

“When I tried to rewrite it, I was so scared that I couldn’t sing a note, I couldn’t write down the words, and it took me a while to overcome it,” she said.

But things are now looking for a “quivering” singer, as she erupted about how she is now in a “good place”.

Her new album “Firebird” became a top 10 hit in the UK when it was released in September.

She states: so! “

Natalie Imbrulia’s confidence in music plummeted | Celebrities

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