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 July 27

by Carolina

Natalie Imbrulia gives her number to strangers who are experiencing in vitro fertilization.

The “torn” hit maker gave birth to his son Max in 2019 after undergoing a fertilization process with a sperm donor at the age of 44. She was experiencing it.

In her “Spinning Plate” podcast, she said: “I think it’s important to get support on this trip.

“So if I meet strangers at a supper party and they’re talking about wanting to do IVF, I’ll give them my number and say,’Ask me anything.’ There are strange taboos around, which makes women feel better. For many women, I think it’s like “Oh, I can talk to you.” I wasn’t trying to do that either.

“Until that happens, you wouldn’t think (there’s a taboo). From a judgmental point of view, I felt like I didn’t know what to get back.

“But in the end, I received only love, support, and encouragement, which was really encouraging.”

A 46-year-old singer, believed to be single after breaking up with her husband Daniel Jones in 2008, previously said she felt something was “missing” before her child was born. .. mother.

She states: “I’m used to pushing the law of probability about what I’ve done in my life. I’ve always managed to do something that’s unlikely or unlikely. In retrospect, I have nice friends. I was married. A beautiful house and a career I was proud of. But for a long time I knew something was missing and it became something I longed for more than anything else. is.”

Natalie Imbrulia offers numbers to strangers | Celebrities

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