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 January 31

by Carolina

It’s the year 2021 and celebrity sex tapes are almost old hat they’re so common. Probably the most famous (or infamous) is Paris Hilton’s infamous tape called 1 Night in Paris. Wow, clever title. 

1 Night in Paris came out in 2004 and was filmed with poker player Rick Saloman. Saloman ended up suing Hilton for character defamation, and she countersued him for releasing the tape without her consent. The case ended up settling out of court. Hilton claimed she never saw any compensation for the tape but planned to donate some of the money she won from the court case.

Both before Paris Hilton’s notorious tape and since, a ton of raunchy home videos featuring your favorite celebs have come out. Here are nine of the naughtiest celebrity tapes out there.

Kevin Hart & Montia Sabbag

Back in 2017, a sex tape between Kevin Hart & Montia Sabbag came out. Sabbag claimed a friend of Hart set up a camera to record their illicit encounter, and that she had no knowledge of it while Hart did. She tried to sue him in 2019. The case ended up getting dismissed.

Kim Kardashian & Ray J

In 2002, a sex tape between Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend, rapper & songwriter Ray J, was released. The tape, which was filmed on Kim’s 23rd birthday, was titled Kim Kardashian, Superstar. She ended up suing Vivid Entertainment to stop the tape’s release. The case ended up settling out of court.

Colin Farrell & Nicole Narain

2003 saw the release of a salacious tape between actor Colin Farrell and Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain. Farrell asserted the tape was never meant for the public, but that didn’t stop Narain from trying to sell it to the Internet Commerce Group. He sued and the case was settled out of court in 2006.

Tonya Harding & Jeff Gillooly

A sex tape between figure skater Tonya Harding and her first husband Jeff Gillhooly was made on their wedding night. The tape ended up getting sold to Penthouse. Gillhooly claimed they made the decision together to sell the tape, but who knows?

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Another popular sex tape was the one made between Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee. This time, neither Anderson nor Lee tried to make money off the tape. Instead, an electrician stole the safe where the tape was stored and released the tape himself. Anderson & Lee never saw any payment for their tape.

Pamela Anderson & Brett Michaels

Another sex tape between Pamela Anderson & Brett Michaels, the singer for the band Poison, was released in 1998. Michaels went to court to try to prevent the tape from being released. It turns out that a friend of Michaels’ was the one who sold the tape to the Internet Commerce Group.

Farrah Abraham & James Deen

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and porn star James Deen’s sex tape came out in 2013. Also released through Vivid Entertainment, rumors swirled that Abraham orchestrated the entire thing to combat her dwindling popularity. She admitted later that she was behind the tape. 

Since then, rape allegations against Deen have come out. Yikes!

Hulk Hogan & Heather Cole

Hulk Hogan is another celeb whose tape was released without his consent. The tape was made with bestie Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem’s wife and only a minute and forty-one seconds long. Hogan sued Gawker, the site that released the tape, and he ended up being awarded a boatload of money. While Hogan wasn’t happy about the sex tape’s release, he wasn’t too upset about all the money it netted him.

Rob Lowe and an underaged model

This tape was released in 1988 between actor Rob Lowe and an unnamed sixteen-year-old girl. The age of consent in Georgia back then was only fourteen (thankfully it’s been raised to sixteen since then) so it wasn’t technically illegal that he slept with her. However, making the tape itself was.

Making a sex tape with a minor nearly ruined Lowe’s career though he since managed to make a comeback. 

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