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 August 10

by Carolina

Minnie Driver opened her heart to the disappearance of her mother, Gaynor Churchward.

The 51-year-old actress played a widowed doctor in the second series of “Modern Love,” revealing that her mother, who died in March, is a big fan of the script.

She told Radio Times: We thought it was an interesting quest for the meaning of loving someone new when your mind was still with someone you lost. “

Minnie’s father, financial adviser Ronnie, died in 2009.

Gainer never saw Minnie’s new show, but she revealed that she had Face Timed her mother from the Wicklow Mountains she was filming.

She said: “Unfortunately, when I was driving a car on location and she came with me through the Wicklow Mountains, I gave her Face Timed.”

Meanwhile, Minnie previously urged other celebrities to stay quiet on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Good Will Hunting” actress admits she was able to understand why people were critical of the stars lamenting that they had to stay home, while giving them free access to wealth traps such as pools and huge dwellings. I did.

She said, “Celebrities are really coming. I’ve been really quiet, but I’ve been watching. [other celebrities] Oh no, don’t do that. Here’s another great video about someone doing something interesting that makes people smile.

“That’s the scope of our duty right now. Don’t say anything about what you’re doing, because that’s what it’s wrong now …

“Anything,’I’m just rapping in the pool’-Nobody wants to hear it! Don’t say you feel like you’re in jail. Don’t say anything. Just open the bottle. Wine Wear your underwear and walk around like everyone else while drinking. “

Minnie Driver Opens About Mother’s Death | Celebrity

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