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 August 3

by Carolina

Meghan and Harry: Life as celebs won’t be like royalty says expert

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and will have “keenly felt” the difference between being a member of the and being a Californian celebrity, according to a royal expert. Since moving to North America, the couple have signed several lucrative deals but now face competition from Hollywood A-listers and do not have the same “global platform” as they did whilst they were working royals. 

In a new documentary ‘Meghan at 40’, narrator Paula Bacon refers to the Sussexes upcoming projects: “No time was wasted in striking new deals and branching out into previously forbidden territory. But they now faced competition from the myriad of Hollywood A-listers with causes to promote.”

Royal expert and journalist Ashley Pearson said: “Meghan and Harry have been busy since they moved to California; they struck a number of deals, we know Netflix, they had a podcast with Spotify, Meghan’s had her children’s book released, Harry’s taken on a job in mental health coaching at a big start-up in Silicon Valley.

“They have done a lot of things, however none of that will have the attention of the world the way their tour of South Africa did, the way their wedding did.

“They will not be meeting with heads of state, they will not be having a global platform from which to have a voice.

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Meghan and Harry face competition in Hollywood

Meghan and Harry ‘face competition’ in Hollywood from other celebrities (Image: GETTY images)

Ashley Pearson said they have no 'global platform'

Ashley Pearson said they no longer have a ‘global platform’ (Image: Channel 5)

“Yes they have a charitable foundation but so do a lot of celebrities and they’re now celebrities.

“There is no way that they won’t have keenly felt the difference between being a celebrity and a royal.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be stepping away from the Royal Family in 2020, citing their desire to relocate to California and live their life away from constant media speculation. 

Since then, they have signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, estimated to be worth over £100million. 

The couple will produce ‘informative’ and ‘uplifting’ content that will promote the causes they are passionate about, such as gender equality, conservation and mental health. 

Meghan Markle recently announced her first project with the streaming giant, an animated children’s series following a young girl interacting with influential women throughout history. 

Prince Harry is also set to produce ‘Heart of Invictus’, a docu-series about competitors and organisers of the 2022 Invictus Games. 

In June, the Duchess also released children’s book The Bench and Prince Harry has announced that he will be releasing his memoirs. 


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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry timeline

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry romantic timeline (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Due for publication in late 2022, the memoir will be an “accurate and wholly truthful” account of the Duke’s life. 

The couple have also established their own non-profit organisation Archewell, which has evolved from their previous foundation Sussex Royal. 

In recent months, it has raised $3million for the Global Vaccine Alliance, opened community relief centres in Mumbai and Puerto Rico and donated money to the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas. 

A number of Hollywood celebrities have established charitable foundations that operate in California, including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle currently reside in Montecito, California with their two young children. 

Original posted at www.express.co.uk

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