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 August 26

by Carolina

Megan Fox has agreed to resolve a court battle with Brad Pitt’s manager after a property dispute.

The 35-year-old actress bought a $ 3.3 million Malibu mansion from Cynthia Petdante in 2016, but soon realized that there were serious problems such as mold and leaks that required at least $ 500,000 to repair. I noticed.

Megan filed a $ 5 million proceeding against Petdante, making an extraordinary claim that her property caused her “chronic migraine” and “continuous stress.”

However, as Judge David Soleto granted summary judgment, a court order earlier this month ruled in favor of Pett-Dante.

Cynthia has offered a $ 100,000 compromise under California Civil Code 998. In this transaction, both parties can propose a settlement before the proceedings are brought to trial.

According to court documents obtained by MailOnline, the transaction was accepted by Megan and is one-fiftieth of the amount she requested.

The judge pointed his finger at the “Jennifer’s Body” star during the case, alleging that he ignored the advice of real estate lawyer Joseph D’Onofrio.

Megan also admitted that he did not read important emails or inspection reports that would warn her about mansion issues.

When asked in the testimony, she said: “(No), I read them to others, tell me what’s in them, and tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. Because I pay to give advice. “

Megan confessed to pushing for a sale because she was the only home in her price range in Malibu and wanted her children to attend a new school there. She also gave birth to a third child three months after the purchase. As a result, Megan believes he was unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

In his testimony, the star said, “Well, I’m absent-minded. I was focused on it because I had just had a baby. I remember the quote was very high. There was no such money anywhere. I was fine to fix it.

“So there was a lot of discussion that I needed to get back to work right after giving birth in case I had to fix this. I can’t remember exactly. It was expensive. I think it’s the first estimate. It was expensive. Over $ 500,000. “

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