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 November 16

by Carolina

I know it just can’t be me being bombarded with phone calls about Medicare signup, let alone the commercials from Jimmie “J.J.” Walker and “Broadway Joe” Namath.

There must be a great amount of money being given to agents to sign us up for Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplemental insurance, provided by for-profit companies, in addition to or in place of traditional Medicare. I average about 12 calls a day about these plans.

I can only imagine how much money the insurers get. It is very aggravating for us senior citizens to be bothered by these calls. Yes, you can block their numbers individually, but they just use another number to call again.

Most of these calls are from out of the area. I thought robocalls from companies were supposed to have been stopped unless you previously did business with them. Apparently not!

If the government can’t call off these feeding sharks, they should at least limit them to be from local agents — so there would be fewer of them — or reduce the hours than they are allowed to call. For me, it’s especially aggravating because I’m already signed up for next year, and all of these calls are moot.

Tim Krajewski, Williamstown

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