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 June 17

by Carolina

Matthew McConaughey travels to gain a “second perspective” of his life and broaden his horizons.

The 51-year-old actor takes a little time out of his busy lifestyle to look back on his choices and future and make sure he’s on the right track.

When he told Tim McGraw on the Apple Music Country singer’s radio show “Beyond The Influence Radio with Tim McGraw,” he said: Read the legato. You can get a big tactic about how the movement was. “Wait a minute, where are you in my life?”

“I’m leaving what I know to find out what I might need to know. It’s changing channels. It opens an opening to another light. You actually Be objective and look back on what you did in an invisible way. You get a second perspective as you subjectively hit the road every day.

“Sometimes you go,’I did exactly what I wanted to do.’” Most of the time, “Well, what I wanted to do and what I intended was actually what I wanted to do. It’s completely different from what you did, but I hope it’s close enough. “

McConaughey also thought that it would take some time to look back on his life, he refused to play the role, and after two years of not appearing in any film, he would not return to Hollywood.

He explained: “This is one of the coincidences you talk about timing. You may not be able to return to Hollywood as soon as I’m mentally healthy. I’m probably going to do something else in my life. I didn’t need it. Who would be the new good idea for Ring, “Lincoln Lawyer”, “Killer Joe”, “Magic Mike”, “Mad”, “True Detective”, “Dallas Buyers Club” Do you? Anonymity for the last two years. I unbranded and no one knew where I was. Not being around them was like, “Do you know who is a bright new idea? McConaughey about this.” Then when they came, I jumped at it. “

Matthew McConaughey: Travel Opens My Heart | Celebrities

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