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 May 7

by Carolina

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Wahlberg's personal chef Lawrence Duran tells USA TODAY.” height=”3565″ id=”4988361001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/3d5949ff-05bf-4d9d-a7d7-94b157ad5f15-AFP_AFP_GR97Z.JPG” width=”5037″> 

“I enjoy those mental challenges of, 'Can I do it?' I've certainly seen sometimes that I've overdone it and it wasn't necessary,” he told Radio Free Entertainment in 2004.” height=”4000″ id=”4955185001″ orientation=”vertical” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/5ea1b2f8-f746-49ec-8609-a7386d88a8c6-GTY_1173609291.JPG” width=”2769″>Los Angeles Times.” height=”1682″ id=”4961235001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/668541ae-3d9b-4037-9f93-3722cdf591c3-machinist_mov-ZX27231.JPG” width=”2400″>Femme Fatales in 2006. “I ate like crazy, trying to put on pounds…When I arrived in England, Chris Nolan looked at me in shock, saying, 'God, you're like some sort of grizzly bear!'… So I started working out and doing a lot of running to bring my weight back down again.”

Bale was back to gaunt for a turn as drug-addicted former boxer in 2010's “The Fighter.”” height=”511″ id=”77481562″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/2016/01/21/USATODAY/usatsports/image20.jpg” width=”768″>USA TODAY in 2013 that yo-yo-ing for roles is no longer so easy.

“I think I'm certainly getting older. I thought I was going to lose the weight I gained for 'American Hustle.' I said, two months, flat, that'll do it. I was 185 and I went up to 228 for it. And I'm still working that off!” he said in disbelief. “It's almost six months later. Now I know that when I was in my early 20s it would have been two months and that's it.”” height=”3707″ id=”4508451″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/USATODAY/USATODAY/2014/01/16//1389883770000-ACTOR-BALE.jpg” width=”5561″>Adam McKay said. “It was more fun gaining the weight than losing it,” he said at the film's world premiere in 2018. His binge food of choice? “I’ve just eaten a lot of pies, so far.”” height=”2667″ id=”4955186001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/3116899b-0ba4-44cb-9040-2c5ae2ec6ad5-XXX_IMG_VICE_CHENEYS_3_1_PMNJQOTT.JPG” width=”4000″>Davis said at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I got close to 200. Ann Roth, the great costume designer, she said, ‘Viola, what body do you want to look like?’ And the body that I loved — once again I grew up with a lot of big woman that I thought were the most beautiful woman in the word. So for me it was Aretha Franklin. I wanted that body.”” height=”4800″ id=”3774514001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2020/11/19/USAT/d95ca3db-828a-427a-bc88-b08fafaea3bd-MRBB_Unit_11605_R_copy.jpg” width=”7200″>Davis told USA TODAY. “There’s so much emphasis placed with women looking tiny and slim and petite – femininity is associated with all of those things. It’s nice when it’s associated with strong.”” height=”2050″ id=”4989634001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/c6528253-1132-4ff6-8e6b-0ea07e926d78-XXX_IMG_DF_02445_R2_1_1_H9ND29BS.JPG” width=”3075″>Australian Men's Health and said he adjusted his physique to match up with the timeline of Mercury's life in the film.

“I was on a very specific diet. I bulked up for that first week and immediately had to drop muscle and weight and go into shooting young Freddie, who is very scrawny,” he told the magazine. “I just had to be really cognisant of when to work out and when to crash diet. I don’t recommend it for anyone.”” height=”2050″ id=”4989632001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/a3dd9dc9-8032-457f-b1b3-edfa324861a6-XXX_IMG_BOHEMIAN_RHAPSODY_GR_3_1_QENPMJKD.JPG” width=”3075″>Vanity Fair.” height=”1500″ id=”4955315001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/c26579e6-41b4-4662-bfd3-bc3ea9efc2d1-d_color_raging_bull_dvd_08.jpg” width=”2242″>wrote New York Times reviewer Stephen Holden. She co-starred with Christina Ricci, left.” height=”1600″ id=”4957375001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/ca83255d-bb78-4d5b-86d4-bd9687d0012c-D03_THERON_final_01.JPG” width=”2375″>put on nearly 50 pounds for the role, more than the 30 she gained for “Monster.” 

She eventually lost the weight, but gained empathy. “I know a lot of moms who feel like (crap) because it takes that long and everybody's expecting them to be back,” Theron says. “Me gaining weight for the movie — it’s hard when somebody’s like, 'Wow, that’s really brave!' Moms do this all the time and we don’t call them brave. We’re like, 'Why are you still carrying that baby weight?' “” height=”4000″ id=”4957364001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/7b2a896e-02ec-4f4c-8411-78c795d2a62f-a01_nline.JPG” width=”6000″>Calliet told USA TODAY.” height=”2988″ id=”4989633001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/cd373e90-a8b5-4f42-9b87-7c027b45ad53-XXX_IMG_CREED_II_C2_01193_R__1_1_0LNB7C9G.JPG” width=”4500″>she told Us Magazine. “I mean, I had never gotten that much training – to be doing five-to-eight hours a day of (it) was really a challenge.”” height=”2667″ id=”4957371001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/ed85d610-2847-4a21-abf1-84306f9f5dab-Black_Swan_2.JPG” width=”4000″>Kunis said on Howard Stern's radio show in 2016. “I did do it in the healthiest way possible. I don't recommend anybody ever doing it.”” height=”2867″ id=”4957374001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/ce9b55ed-500e-4c13-8ad3-f36c22b407f1-d01_BLACK_SWAN_MOV_oscarbox_23.JPG” width=”4300″>USA TODAY reported. It was courtesy of twice-daily workouts with former professional boxer Terry Claybon, who trained Gyllenhaal for six months, seven days a week, six hours a day doing boxing, strength training and conditioning. He ran eight miles daily. He did 2,000 sit-ups. “He ate and slept boxing,” said Claybon.” height=”3840″ id=”4989636001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/ecd3690e-3bb3-440a-b6a6-7b4cecbd5f3c-XXX_XXX_XXX_df-00493_lg.jpg” width=”5760″>reflected on his physical transformation to USA TODAY. “Once I put that weight on and I could feel comfortable talking like him — that was very fascinating. His register was higher than mine,” Cooper said. “That was just to get to the place where I could start doing the work. There's no way I'd ever be able to believe I was him without doing that.”” height=”1200″ id=”4957386001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/5b555eeb-b4ca-4fac-b797-bb78ca0ddb43-XXX_AMERICAN_SNIPER_MOV_jy_1070_.JPG” width=”2864″>During an interview on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the actor said his diet consisted of Tapioca pudding, egg whites and “as much wine” as he wanted. ” height=”2832″ id=”4957384001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/2ffcf90b-c63a-4faa-a76e-4e785872359f-MCCONAUGHEY_DALLAS-BUYERS-CLUB-MOV-jy-9141.jpg” width=”4256″>interview with Variety, Larson said she trained in the gym for several months for her role as the superhero in “Captain Marvel. ” 

“My highest right now is 215 lbs. in deadlifts. 400 lb. hip thrusts, being able to lift weight like that really changed my perspective and understanding of myself,” she said. ” height=”2521″ id=”4957389001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/24bc9870-da4f-4bbd-9185-441094870e67-XXX_XXX_IMG_CAPTAIN_MARVEL_3_1_QPNNC9LO.JPG” width=”4000″>in a speech to students at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film & TV. 

“I had to eat 60 egg whites in a day and I couldn’t. So every morning I would drink them. I had to eat every hour and a half. So in the night, I had to wake up and drink protein shakes. I put on 23 pounds of muscle,” Swank said.” height=”2048″ id=”4957373001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/05/USAT/f458b9ca-3ea6-4135-a7c7-aeac902dd8b2-d01_baby_tstrip_03.JPG” width=”3072″>“Bridget Jones's Diary,” in which she portrays a woman struggling with her age, weight and love life.” height=”3648″ id=”4989635001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/e2a108b7-6286-4b0b-8e57-f652d400f8a6-XXX_OSCARSLUNCHEON2020_0127123209.JPG” width=”5472″>The actress told USA TODAY why director Sharon Maguire pushed for the change. “Sharon’s explanation was, 'Let’s let her have this thing that she’d always hoped to achieve in her life, and yet show how little consequence it has on her happiness,' ” said Zellweger. “She never had a weight problem to my mind. It was just something that she had fixated on.”” height=”1264″ id=”4989628001″ orientation=”horizontal” original=”https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/05/07/USAT/6c73c1f7-7f7e-4111-90cd-e465c189e33c-e_bidget_newyearsflicks_29.JPG” width=”1897″>

Original posted at www.usatoday.com

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