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 March 17

by Carolina

If Lopez's tortas look as delicious as these, his latest ventue is sure to be a hit.

If Lopez’s tortas look as delicious as these, his latest ventue is sure to be a hit.

milazvereva/Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s a 90s dream come true, ladies.

“Saved by the Bell” heartthrob Mario Lopez is partnering with restaurateur Robert Earl to bring a virtual food concept to Houston, per Eater Houston’s Brittanie Shey. The actor and television host is following in the footsteps of celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Mariah Carey, who brought stoner-friendly fare and cookies to the Bayou City, respectively.

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Sandwiches from Mario’s Tortas Lopez will be available for delivery through Grubhub. According to the third-party delivery service, “All tortas are served on a griddled telera roll with lettuce, jack cheese, vegetarian refried beans, red onion, cilantro & chipotle mayo.”

Rice bowls, nachos, elote, guacamole, Black beans and Churro Doughnuts are also available menu options.

I believe all restaurants, within three to five years, are going to be operators of some virtual brand,” said Earl, as reported by Star Tribune’s Sharyn Jackson. “It is the way to help them survive.”

According to Shey, the restaurant operates out of a Wayside Mexican restaurant called Tamales Doña Tere.

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