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 September 28

by Carolina

Margaret Qualley wanted FKA Twigs to know that she “believed” her claim about Shia LaBeouf.

A 26-year-old actress who briefly dated a “Transformers” star shared the cover of El magazine, which previously detailed the alleged abuse of a “cellophane” singer in the hands of an actor, and she explained her. I did so because it was “important” for her to show her support.

Regarding the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar in the United States, she said: “It was important to me to know that she believed in herself. It’s just as easy.”

Margaret later said he didn’t want to talk about his personal life, but because she was dating Shiites while filming her new movie, “Maid,” which plays a character who endures psychological abuse. He acknowledged that the question was likely to be raised.

And she admitted that abusive relationships are “very common” in real life.

When asked how she prepared the film, she said, “Unfortunately, it’s very common, and more than half of people experience some psychological threat in their lifelong relationships. Is a fact. I did my best to read the script. Experience Alex’s reality as much as possible in the scene. “

Twigs accused the 35-year-old actor of “merciless abuse” when he filed a proceeding against him in December 2020.

The “Laures” star denied all claims of the 33-year-old singer in response to a proceeding filed in February this year. This includes the effects of sexual assault, assault, and mental distress in the process of a short relationship in 2019.

Earlier this year, the Shiites separated from his talent agency and took a break from his career after entering an inpatient rehab facility.

He was also ordered to complete a 12-month judicial conversion program in May after being charged with theft of a misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor in another case in October 2020.

Margaret Qualley wanted to show support for FKA Twigs | Celebrities

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