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 August 3

by Carolina

We love tea. We drink it the moment we wake, with our breakfast, at work, at home, in the evening; whatever chance we get we manage to have a cup of tea in our hands! Tea have been a part of the culture and has managed to become part of people’s personality, people have even started to add “chai lovers” in their social media bios. But have you wondered if that is the same for celebrities? The fame and stardom that comes with being in the limelight have made us think of celebrities to be different from us. The reality is that they are just like us. And, some of them love tea just as much as we do!

Here are 5 celebrities who enjoy a cup of tea just like us:

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra, Bollywood’s go-to fashion designer, is a big fan of tea. He has been seen expressing his love for a good cup of chai. He recently uploaded a post on his Instagram where he zooms into his delicious tea. He captions it as “Do you love your morning tea as much as I do?” Manish Malhotra is a fan of morning tea and this is clearly conveyed by the fact that he uploaded this early in the morning! Only a true tea lover could wake up this early.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is an experimenter. She likes to think out of the box and is afraid to be different. That’s how she can present s such wonderful fashion looks, but her creativity doesn’t end there! She dabbled in an unconventional tea and she is happy with the result! She tried her had bubble tea, an ice tea that filled with sweet tapioca pearls that look like bubbles!

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Mira Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor wife, Mira Kapoor has become a celebrity icon and yoga enthusiast. Ever since her marriage with the actor, she has managed to garner her fan following and often shares snapshots of her life. She expressed her love for chai in a heathy way, by enjoying a cup of beetroot tea.

Soha Ali Khan

The former actress and Bollywood royalty is also an experimenter when it comes to her chai. Recently, she uploaded a picture of an unusual tea that had people amazed. She enjoyed a cup of blue tea that looked delicious!


Malaika Arora

Bollywood’s fitness guru, Malaika Arora always chooses health first. She makes sure everything is eating and drinking is healthy and nutritious. She also loves to enjoy a good cup of tea, especially when it is full of health benefits. She chooses to drink Kombucha, a probiotic tea that is known for its many health benefits!


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