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 August 24

by Carolina

Mandy Moore’s first solo parenting experience was “overwhelming.”

A 37-year-old star with a six-month-old son called Gus, along with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, recorded her weekend solo parenting experience in an Instagram story.

Along with a picture of the baby’s gas, she writes:

Mandy then admitted that it was difficult to take care of the gas himself. But she also claimed to be “thankful” for having a good time with the boy.

She states: “I’ve had my first parenting experience alone in the last few days (my husband is on tour). It may be overwhelming, but I’m very grateful that I was able to monopolize him all.”

Earlier this month, Mandy revealed that he felt the most “unconditional love in words” for his son.

The star of “This Is Us” is very fortunate to be the mother of “the happiest and sweetest man” six months after welcoming the boy to the world.

Mandy, along with a series of images of himself and Gas, writes: “Six months with the happiest and sweetest man and the most indescribable, unconditional love.

Mandy also revealed that breastfeeding his son was a “rewarding experience.”

She explained: “Breastfeeding isn’t always a smooth voyage (clogging ducts, timing of breastfeeding life, pumps at work, etc.), but for the past six months, this boy’s breastfeeding has been beautiful, cluttered and ah very rewarding. One experience I cherish forever.

“Needless to say, #fedisbest and I have allowed me a lot this time around my body and me (especially in the first days and weeks I didn’t know what I was doing) Thank you for your support Nourish my sweet man. “

Mandy Moore says parenting alone was “overwhelming” | Celebrities

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