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 September 12

by Carolina

Lucy Boynton isn’t very willing to follow her feelings.

The actress of “Bohemian Rhapsody” has always been “very sensitive”, but she is now trying to rebalance and make more practical decisions, rather than relying solely on intuition.

She told Stylist Magazine: “Finding a balance between mind and mind is a continuous lesson. It’s a cliché for reasons.

“I was always very sensitive, so I instinctively followed my feelings, but as I get older, it becomes more important to incorporate more analysis.”

The 27-year-old actress is anxious to have “good memories on a whim.”

When asked what talent she wanted, “My friend has the ability to quote any movie he has ever seen and any book he has read.

“So, I think it counts as a talent, something along those lines of unusually good memory.”

Lucy loves fashion and always makes sure she wears red shoes in her wardrobe.

She said: “My patented red Mary Jane shoes [remind me of childhood]..

“It’s one item I’ve loved since I was a kid and always had several versions. At the moment, they’re by Carel.”

And when asked if she could remember the one outfit she chose, she replied: “Black polka dot tights, patented Mary Jane shoes, vintage mini dress.

“I repeated it many times and the recipe feels like me.”

“Politician” stars like second-hand clothes, but she feels “really lucky” given the gowns worn by top fashion houses.

She said: “[I prefer a] Vintage search. But then I’m really lucky to be able to wear the couture I’m doing at work.

“The complexity and attention to detail are truly exquisite, and the time spent on each piece means that they are very special and often feel like works of art.”

Lucy Boynton changes the decision-making process | Celebrities

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