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 November 10

by Carolina

Celebrity Designer Mugzy McFly is bringing his fashion label home and launching a flagship store, McFly Studios.

Photos Jewel Webber

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Celebrity Designer Mugzy McFly is bringing his fashion label home and launching a flagship store, McFly Studios, in his hometown of the Bronx. The streetwear brand creates genderless designs that have caught the eye of professional athletes, musicians and celebrities worldwide such as Maino, Doja Cat and Post Malone.

Born and raised in New York, McFly grew up with a deep appreciation and a keen eye for fashion, first experimenting with creative design at the age of 13, when he began hand-making apparel to match his favorite sneakers. In 2013, displaying the same hustle and grit his hometown of the Bronx is so famous for, he started his own graphic t-shirt label, Signed by McFly. With no investors or outside financial backing, McFly launched the brand from the ground up, managing all sides of the business himself, from finances, production and event planning, to graphic and fashion design.

Celebrity Designer Mugzy McFly. Photo courtesy Signed By McFly

This experience inspired the company’s motto, “More Dreams, Less Sleep.” Since the brand’s inception McFly has expanded the collection to include innovative and inspired mens’ and womens’ designs that are deeply grounded in his original vision.

“The culture has always been borrowed and stolen from, then sold back to us,” he said. “I want to bring it home & keep it home with McFly Studios. I grew up here and want to flourish here. If you want what we got, you gotta come directly to the source.”

McFly Studios officially launches on Oct. 31, at 4419 White Plains Road in the Bronx, and is open by appointment only. The range includes authentic athleisure wear, color-blocked moto pants, sneakers, bodysuits, face masks and jackets to keep wearers cozy and fly all season long.

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