WARRINGTON, PA — Since opening The Lucky Well in Ambler eight years ago, Chad Rosenthal and his team have been serving up Memphis-style ribs, brisket smoked wings and side dishes to a hungry public.

Following his success in Montgomery County, the Philadelphia native opened another restaurant in the Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Expanding to The Shops at Valley Square in Warrington seemed like a no-brainer, but as was the case for many restaurant owners, the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to shut down.

After opening in late 2019, the Warrington restaurant was forced to close in March 2020.

The Lucky Well in Warrington in late 2019. The restaurant shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Chad Rosenthal)

“I’ve cooked my whole life,” Rosenthal said. “The Lucky Well was kind of my baby in Ambler.”

The Warrington location officially re-opened Wednesday after a long hiatus, but the restaurant is currently only accepting online takeout orders from Wednesday-Sunday, 4-9 p.m.

Rosenthal said he plans to open the restaurant for indoor and outdoor dining in June or July.

“It’s been exhausting adjusting to the COVID pandemic, but I have a great staff that has worked with me through all of it,” he said. “We never gave up.”

The Lucky Well is perhaps best known for its Memphis-style dry-rubbed spare ribs, smoke-darkened hot links and tenderized whole chicken. The Warrington location also plans to have live music and happy hours.

“We have great ideas for the bar and happy hours and live blues,” he said. “We have a stage in there that we’ve built that’s beautiful.”

Online orders can be placed here and picked up in the back of the restaurant located at 1613 N. Main St. in Warrington.

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