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 June 30

by Carolina

Lil Nas X is “anxious” about his sexuality.

An openly gay 22-year-old rapper admitted that he was trying not to “learn” his growing attitude.

Naz entered in response to the homophobic backlash that followed his performance at the BET Awards on Sunday (27.06.21). There, he kissed the man’s backup passionately and ended “Call Me By Your Name”. Dancer.

One critic said, “You are very anxious about your sexuality and make up for it whenever you have a chance. Gay people who know themselves always remember that they are gay. You don’t have to let me do it. “

Nas replied: “As you say, I’m worried about my sexuality. There’s a long way to go. I haven’t denied it.

“When you are conditioned by society to hate your entire life, it requires a lot of unlearning.

“That’s exactly why I do what I’m doing.”

But Nas argued that people shouldn’t be shocked by his performance because of the theme of the song.

He writes: “We’ve been four months old, but people are still surprised that I’m gay and sexual by playing a song about gay and sexual s ***. The song is literally gay. What do you want me to play the piano while baking a cake, as it is about sex? “

The singer of “SunGoesDown” thanked the people who provided support and admitted that he was nervous about the performance.

He tweeted. “It took me a long time to prepare for this performance.

“While on stage, I was trembling to know that I was doing that in front of my straight companion. Even during the performance, I had a hard time calming my nerves. I love you. Thank you for doing it. “

Asked why he “forced” him to play his way, he added, “If you don’t push yourself out of the comfort zone, you’ll never grow.”

Nas also told critics that they needed to “work on” themselves.

He tweeted: “You hate yourself very much. You live your life doing your best to appease a straight person.

“Everyone feels uncomfortable with what I do because everyone is afraid that it may offend you.”

“Work for yourself, I love who I am and what I have decided to do. Get there.”

Original posted at pennsylvanianewstoday.com

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