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 July 5

by Carolina

As Rwanda celebrates Liberation Day for the 27th time, some celebrities took the opportunity to share their thoughts and gratitude, especially to RPF Inkotanyi, for playing a very big part in the victory we celebrate today.

Amongst them Jah Bone D who lives in Switzerland with his family. In an exclusive interview with The New Times, he thanked RPF Inkotanyi for saving him as well as the entire country.

The Reggae legend who shared his testimony with The New Times said he survived so many hard situations including imprisonment, getting shot at and other forms of harassment when he was saved by RPF Inkotanyi in 1991 and again in 1994 during the Genocide against Tutsi.

“I was tortured severely but thanks to RPF Inkotanyi I survived. I had some bullets in my body and RPF soldiers took care of me, I stayed with them until I came back to life again.

I believe that it is very important to know and respect our Liberation Day. We ought to remember that our future depends on us. Let’s keep this freedom and pass it on to the next generation because our heroes fought for that,” he said.

Jah Bone D added that Covid-19 should not stop us from celebrating Liberation Day.

Unlike the pandemic which is not here to stay, Liberation Day is part of Rwanda’s history and worth celebrating for putting an end to the Genocide.

“Celebrate the liberation in your heart, at your home, on all the possible platforms provided because we can’t meet and celebrate, but soon we will be able to when Covid-19 is conquered,” he said.

Intore Masamba who had an amazing performance at Iwacu Muzika Festival today told The New Times that Liberation Day is such a day to celebrate happiness that RPF Inkotanyi brought to all Rwandans.

“It is tragic that the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi happened, but again we are so thankful that RPF Inkotanyi, led by Paul Kagame did their best to stop the Genocide. I encourage the youth to uphold the values of RPF to build a better country that we all deserve.”

Miss Jolly Mutesi, is among the celebrities who shared the liberation day message on her social media platforms where she called on all the youth to work hard in achieving more.

 “I urge fellow youth to embrace the achievements by undertaking boundless commitments, Rwandans take pride in what has been achieved. Liberation ushered in hope into generations to come. The happy liberation day Flag of Rwanda. #liberation27.”

Through Bugesera District Twitter account, Josiane Iman Uwineza, best known as Miss Jojo thanked the RPF Inkotanyi for the country’s transformation over the years.

Miss Jojo said, “I just saw nothing better than surviving and living in a country led by RPF Inkotanyi! You go to bed believing in your safety, feeling like a Rwandan among others. The life I live today really gives me the confidence that we have achieved liberation, that my daughter and other Rwandan children like you now believe in living in a country different from what I used to be in as a child.”

She added, “But as well these deserve to be protected, so we all have the responsibility to protect and preserve it so that those who have their own interests from ours will not interfere with their bad plans!”


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