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 June 4

by Carolina

Liam Payne says Harry Styles has a “sixth sense” whenever one of the One Direction band members is “in trouble.”

The “Strip That Down” singer has been sick lately and visited YouTube earlier this week to keep fans up to date.

At that time, he said: Maybe he imitated his voice for something.

“But it was also a very strange and very poor few weeks. I had a lot of coughs. I now sympathize with the sick.”

And now, Liam has revealed that after the video was released, a friend of his One Direction contacted him to make sure he was safe.

When asked if he was in contact with Harry during a live Instagram Q & A, Liam said: One of us is in trouble.

“I talked to him and it was really a very nice catchup. And I feel a lot of love for the man. He’s a great guy. He’s a really, really nice guy. “

27-year-old Liam and 27-year-old Harry were on “What Makes You Beautiful” when they starred in “The X Factor” in 2010 with Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and then-member Zayn Malik. Together we gained fame as part of the hit maker. ..

Zain left the group in 2015, and just a few months later the remaining four members announced an indefinite hiatus.

And at his Instagram live, Liam may reunite with a card, claiming that in the future all members want to “enter the room” together.

He said: “In this position, it’s sometimes difficult to see the story of someone you knew well before from a distance.

“At that point, it can be difficult when you feel that you’re missing a part of yourself, and I think I and the boys felt this at different times.

“It’s like losing a very important friend all the time, but everyone is so busy that we need to understand it all.

“I want you to enter the room someday. I think that’s the best. We all talked about it outside, but we didn’t say it to each other. There’s a song somewhere. Someone write it! “

Liam Payne: Harry Styles has a sixth sense for those in need | Celebrities

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