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 September 28

by Carolina

To the editor: I am dismayed by the Sept. 23 front-page article identifying the future residence of Susan Sarandon. (“Susan Sarandon is building a hilltop home within minutes of the Berkshires,” Eagle.)

There are quite a few celebrities in these hills. I believe it is because they are able to live quiet, normal lives here. Perhaps we see them getting coffee or eating ice cream, but we are polite and leave them alone. To broadcast the address of a person, especially one who holds strong political views, is extremely distasteful. As an example, the New York Post recently published the street address of the activist Shaun King, and now he has to move.

Please do not be like this and disrespect the privacy of these hidden Berkshire treasures — it simply is not the way we do things here.

Christopher Thomas, North Adams

Original posted at www.berkshireeagle.com

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