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 September 29

by Carolina

To the editor: Really? An article on a person who clearly is building in this region to keep a low profile? (“Susan Sarandon is building a hilltop home within minutes of the Berkshires,” Eagle, Sept. 22.)

We in the Berkshires do not have paparazzi and the hype as out in the Los Angeles area. So what do you do? Headline this along with pictures and actual street name, let alone plans, etc. Let’s not scare them away by broadcasting locations and plans; let them come in peace and tell their friends how wonderful this area is.

James Taylor can walk Lenox and people for the most part leave him alone. This is why they are coming, building, relocating, whichever, so let’s not deter them with huge spotlight. Let them come and build and enjoy some peace. This article, in my opinion, was an overreach and unnecessary with way too many details. You all can do better than this.

Fred Garner Jr., Pittsfield

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