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 September 4

by Carolina

Leslie Odom Jr. did not postpone his appearance in the movie The Sopranos, despite the racist remarks that the mob show was notorious for showing the “truth.”

The “Hamilton” star is set to star as Harold McBreaer in the next day’s flick “Many Saints of Newark,” where he is the harsh reality of the next American crime drama writer, David Chase. Theatrical racism claimed to have the utmost confidence to show.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Leslie said: [about] The truth of meaning. About art, it’s about showing how people behave in private and publicly showing private moments. They can hurt people, get lacerated, and may be surprising, but that’s the point. Whenever Scorsese did it, or David did it, I knew I was in the hands of someone who was thoughtful, someone who was showing me the truth. It was my choice whether I would continue to see this truth. I knew I could trust my creative. I’ve seen it all the time. “

The 40-year-old actor also revealed that his audition was so secret that he didn’t know what he was trying at first and the producer didn’t want to send him a script.

He spilled. “I heard the movie is happening. I was reluctant at the first audition. But they soon needed someone and I got a call. I didn’t even have the” Sopranos ” I knew I was auditioning for [movie].. They keep things very tight at their best. They are like MCUs (Marvel Cinematic Universe). They don’t send you scripts or character names and the scenario changes. You have to make some choices as an actor. You take what you see and you start inventing. They got a call saying they liked the tape I made, but they had some notes on me. I taped it again, and they asked me to put more notes and tape it again.And I said, “Everyone, I don’t mind taping again, but you have to send me a script. I don’t know what you’re doing.” Then I I answered the phone [director] Alan [Taylor], And he helped me solve all my questions. “

Leslie Odom Jr.: The Sopranos movie shows the “truth” about racism | Celebrities

Source link Leslie Odom Jr.: The Sopranos movie shows the “truth” about racism | Celebrities

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