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 June 8

by Carolina

Lena Dunham is reportedly dating musician Luis Felber.

The 35-year-old actress is said to have dated a Peruvian-British singer, professionally known as Attawarpa, after meeting in London a few months ago.

As reported on page 6, she caused a flowering romance with a 32-year-old musician who called her “King of My Heart”.

Just this week, Lena admitted that she was dating and revealed that her dog was writing a song about her “face.”

She tweeted: “My boyfriend makes delicious pasta when I’m feeling sick, looking back at BoJack as much as I like, walking my dog, and writing songs about her face. ..

“In January I tweeted about how men basically refried beans in the shape of humans. I mean, don’t stop before the miracle, kids.”

She doesn’t mention their relationship directly, but promotes his work on her Instagram account, including sharing a music video for his track “Yellow Fingers.”

The clip has an animated version of Lewis dancing on a stripper pole wearing only green underwear.

Born in the United States and living in the United Kingdom, Lena recently revealed her first COVID-19 vaccine and praised NHS staff.

She said, “I got the first new coronavirus vaccine. I am very grateful to the NHS workers. The only side effect is the horrifying fear that all social events will resume. I’m happy to share what you see. “

Meanwhile, the “girl” actress celebrated three years of drinking in April.

At the time, she wrote: “Today, I’ve been traveling for three years. That wasn’t the word I thought I should say, because I thought I * need to say *. It wasn’t the word I used to say, but from that moment I started this trip (drinking is a trippy trip, it’s true) I was focused on three years, just like this magical train In addition, it would have carried me far enough from me when I was using it-bad me, sad me, just ordinary me …

“But what do you think? It’s worth it when you’re tired and unable to challenge, or when you’re messed up for a day or an hour. Even when you’re in the middle of everything. “(Sic)”

Original posted at pennsylvanianewstoday.com

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