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 July 14

by Carolina

While its story was one of friendship and the life of Hollywood celebrity and luxury, Entourage is also known for its endless parade of cameos. The HBO series followed the exploits of rising movie star Vincent Chase and his close friends as they make their way through show business highs and lows.

Given the subject matter and the fact that it is produced by Mark Wahlberg, the show was able to pack plenty of famous faces into its eight seasons. From actors to musicians to athletes, the show had so many celebrities appearing as themselves on the show, fans have likely forgotten some of the biggest names.

10 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba meets Vincent at restaurant in Entourage

Jessica Alba has the distinction of being one of the very first big-name cameos to appear on the series. As Vincent is getting ready for the premiere of his first movie as a leading man, Alba appears as his co-star in the fake movie entitled Head On.

At this point in her career, Alba was quite an impressive celebrity to get so early into the series. She had already scored her role in The Fantastic Four movies and her appearance helped to tease audiences with the many cameos to come.

9 Mary J. Blige

Mary J Blige with Ari Gold in meeting in Entourage

In one of the more sitcom-like premises on the show, Ari has to deal with a dilemma with two feuding agents at his firm who happen to be twins. Mary J. Blige appears as one of the firm’s biggest clients, who can not only tell the twins apart but is furious that Ari fired the one she liked.

Mary J. Blige was a legend when she appeared in the show’s fourth season, thanks to her incredible hip-hop career. Ironically, her appearance on the show has her telling Ari about her desire to get into acting, and now she is an Oscar-nominated actor.

8 Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman talking to Ari Gold at Jimmy Kimmel show in Entourage

Comedian Sarah Silverman is always a fun presence whenever she appears in a project and she quickly steals some scenes in her brief appearance in the first season of the show. Silverman’s cameo comes in an episode in which Vincent is doing an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, and since Silverman was dating Kimmel at the time, she appears backstage.

She shares her scenes with Ari and proves to be more than a match for the agent. She is particularly creeped out by him when she takes his attempts to sign her as a client for him trying to hit on her.

7 M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan talks to Ari in his car Entourage

M. Night Shyamalan is one of those directors who likes to take small roles in his own movies, so perhaps it is not all that surprising that he also appeared in a small acting role on this show. Shyamalan appears as a client of Ari’s and asks him to read his new script.

The joke of the show is that Ari is having an impossibly busy day and getting handed a huge script to read before the next day is the last thing he wants. Shyamalan is also willing enough to poke fun at himself, including his penchant for twist endings.

6 Kanye West

Kanye West Cameo In Entourage

Kanye West is probably known as much for his personal life these days as he is for his music. However, when he appeared in season 4 of the show, he was one of the biggest and most acclaimed artists in the world.

Though West doesn’t have much acting experience, he was fairly effective in his appearance. Vincent and the boys run into the rapper while trying to find a way to get to the Cannes Film Festival. Some complain that Entourage has too many easy wins for the characters and West helps prove that point as he comes to save the day with his private jet.

5 LeBron James

Lebron James and Matt Damon meet Vincent Chase at airport Entourage

With the characters on the show being such big sports fans, there have been a number of notable athletes who have appeared on the show, from football icon Tom Brady to golfing legend Phil Mickelson. But LeBron James is certainly the most impressive of them all.

Though he is now headlining the new Space Jam movie, this was one of the few acting roles James had at the time. He appeared alongside a very memorable Matt Damon as they bully Vincent into donating to a charity.

4 Larry David

Larry David talks to Johnny Drama in Entourage

Being a big HBO show, Entourage was able to secure cameos from the network’s other big names in its first season. One of the more surprising appearances was a small cameo from Larry David, who was, at the time, a huge star on HBO thanks to the success of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David plays himself much as he does on his own show, as an irritable and blunt man who complains about everything. The only problem with his role is that he is so much funnier than the others that it sort of makes the audience want to watch his show instead.

3 Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

Vincent Chase worked with a number of acclaimed filmmakers over the course of the series, including James Cameron and Frank Darabont. But easily the most impressive director cameo on the show was from Martin Scorsese.

Having worked with the legendary director on The Departed, it seems that Wahlberg called in a favor to add some gravitas to the show. His appearance comes at a low point in Vincent’s career when he is questioning if he’ll work again before getting a call from the Oscar-winning icon to offer him a role in his The Great Gatsby adaptation.

2 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson talking on phone to Vincent Chase in Entourage

Another big part of the show was Vincent and his friends fawning over beautiful women and trying to get dates. One of the most notable girls to catch Vincent’s attention is Scarlett Johansson, who he confesses to having a big crush on. In the season 1 finale, Vincent’s best friend E manages to get Scarlett to call him.

Though this was well before her time as Black Widow in the MCU, Johansson was very much a rising star at the time, having gained considerable attention for her role in Lost in Translation. Not surprisingly, she did not return to the series as Vincent’s new girlfriend.

1 Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage talks to Ari Gold in bar in Entourage

Long before he became one of HBO’s biggest stars as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage had a very funny cameo on Entourage. Though Game of Thrones made him a household name, Dinklage was still well-known at this point, thanks to his starring role in the indie hit The Station Agent.

When the boys go to the Sundance Film Festival, Dinklage appears at a bar talking to Ari. Though he has recently signed as a new client with Ari, he lets him know quite bluntly that he tolerates agents but he doesn’t like them.

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