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 February 13

by Carolina

FILE - In this March 24, 2018 file photo, Lamar Odom arrives at the Kids' Choice Awards at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Odom regrets cheating on ex Khloé Kardashian and lying to her about his addiction to cocaine during their four-year marriage. The 39-year-old tells People magazine he wishes he “could have been more of a man” and it still bothers him three years after they divorced.  (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Jordan Strauss/Associated Press

Former NBA star Lamar Odom has designs on stopping pop star Aaron Carter when the two meet as part of a celebrity boxing card on June 12 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Both Odom and Carter spoke to TMZ Sports about their upcoming contest, and there was no shortage of trash talk during the conversation:

Most notably, the 6’10” Odom vowed to knock out his 5’11” opponent, saying: “I’m pretty good, bro. It’ll be fun. But you’ll have fun getting knocked out.”

Carter insisted that he wouldn’t be getting knocked out and also expressed confidence in his ability to beat Odom despite the size disparity: “I know I can [beat Lamar]. Come June 12, like I said, like Apollo Creed said, ‘I’m gonna drop him like a bad habit,’ and I mean that.”

While neither Odom nor Carter has had an official fight, Odom said: “I’ve always boxed. In my best years with the Lakers, I used boxing for training, and so for me to go and show what I’ve learned on my man’s face, this is like retribution for Nate Robinson. This is gonna be easy work.”

Odom’s mention of Robinson was in reference to the recent celebrity boxing match between Robinson and YouTuber Jake Paul.

Paul, who had a significant height advantage over the 5’9″ Robinson, knocked him out in the second round of their fight in November.

The 41-year-old Odom—a two-time champion and one-time Sixth Man of the Year during his 14-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks—is looking to prove that basketball players can get it done in the ring.

While both Odom and Carter are serious about winning, they also seem to have a healthy amount of respect for each other despite the trash talk.

Odom even told Carter that he wanted to buy him dinner and take him out for a night of drinking and gambling after the bout.

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