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 September 4

by Carolina

Lala Kent says her drinking is the most important thing in her life.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star has been Teetotalism since 2018, and she argues that maintaining recovery must be her number one priority. Because when she falls into alcoholism again, everything she builds is destroyed.

She talked about calmness and said, “Without it, I’m worthless in all other areas. It comes before motherhood and before my relationship.”

After traveling to Disney World with her fiancé Randall Emmett in October 2018, Lisa decided to clean up after having an inspiration on the plane. Meanwhile, she was drunk for four consecutive days.

The beauty of blondes-currently having TV producer Randall and her 6-month-old daughter Ocean-admits that she couldn’t put the bottle without her man’s unwavering love and support.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, she said: I am unconditional love. “

The reality show star recently released her book, “Give Them Lala.” This book records some of the worst things I did while I was drunk. Only the other one suffering from alcohol.

She states: “The hardest part was talking about what happened in my alcoholic state of mind, but if someone intends to leave and seek to be calm, it’s worth sharing those horrifying and frustrating moments. had.

“I did some things that I didn’t feel right about, so I said,’This is how this happened and this is my view. I’m going to apologize and explain.” .. “

Lisa admits that there was a “moment” that made her want to drink, but knows that as long as she works hard and loves herself, she will be fine.

She said: “Fortunately, there is only one moment when I’m on the verge of recurrence. I’m working hard to stay calm. I’m not saying that difficult days will never come.” Knows that time is ahead. “

Lala Kent: My drinking is paramount in my life | Celebrities

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