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 October 13

by Carolina

Kumail Nanjiani was “obsessed” with his weight after getting in shape to shoot “Eternals.”

The 43-year-old actor worked relentlessly while preparing for his role in the Marvel movie, and Kumail admits that his focus on weight eventually became unhealthy for him.

He told Vulture:

“It’s hard. It’s fooled. You’re crazy about it. I do have it, and it’s not great for me to weigh myself every day. Weigh yourself today. Can be told to. “

A photo of the Khmer’s torn physique spread in word of mouth in 2019, and he confessed that at some point his appearance became “too important” to him.

“It was so important to me that it was very difficult to hear many people reaffirm their darkest thoughts about themselves,” he said.

The Khmer recently admitted that talking about their body felt “less and less comfortable.”

The actor revealed that he hasn’t enjoyed the scrutiny that has come his way in recent years.

“In the last year and a half since I took this picture, I’ve found it very uncomfortable and less comfortable to talk about my body,” he said.

The Silicon Valley actor believed that building muscle would improve his career prospects and create new “opportunities” for the acting industry.

He explained: “I wanted different kinds of opportunities. I wanted the industry to see me differently.

“For the brown race, I used to play a very special role. I’m scared or causing fear. These are the only two options. Repair your computer or I’m on the stock exchange. It’s like planning something. “

Kumail Nanjiani admits to being “obsessed” with his weight | Celebrities

Source link Kumail Nanjiani admits to being “obsessed” with his weight | Celebrities

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