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 August 2

by Carolina

Kit Harington was unaware that there was no “break” from the parent-child relationship.

Former Game of Thrones star and wife Rose Leslie welcomed their first child, a boy, to the world five months ago. 34-year-old Hank admitted that he wasn’t ready for a “big” job. Raising a family.

Asked what surprised him most about being a father, he told “Access Hollywood.” [about fatherhood].. Everyone goes, “Look, that’s a big thing you’re about to experience.” Until that happens, you have no way of knowing it.

“What surprised you was that you went,’Oh, this will last forever.’ It’s like you can’t take a break.”

But “Modern Love” actors love how he and his wife got closer by having a baby.

He told “Access Hollywood”: “Wake up every day and take care of this little human being, and now we are part of the unit together.

“I think what surprised me most about paternity is that you are now a unit, three people, and that’s a whole new dynamic that you need to find.

“As he grows and changes, I find almost every day. How does it change you? It’s beautiful, it really is.”

Rose, also 34, confirmed her pregnancy when she showed a booming baby bump through a professional photo taken for Make magazine’s cover story in September.

She didn’t talk about pregnancy in magazines, but fashion director Ursula Lake of the publication wrote on Instagram: Catch Rose at this wonderful time when she prepares for her motherhood for the first time! (Sic) “

And a month later, Rose responded to her happy news by saying she was “excited” to expect Kit’s baby to get married in 2018.

She said, “I’m excited about what I’m expecting and I can’t wait to meet new members of our family!”

Kit Harington: No Breaks After Parenting | Celebrities

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