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 October 3

by Carolina

Katy Perry’s daughter is obsessed with cats.

The “Dark Horse” hit maker has revealed that her little daisy, shared with her partner Orlando Bloom, absolutely loves cats.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “She’s talking, but I think everything is a cat.

“When people come in, she will say,’Hello, Gato!’. I don’t know why she’s fascinated by cats, but she’s wild. [because] People who love my music call themselves Katy Cats. She doesn’t know anything about it, she doesn’t care about it, but for some reason the main word of her life is Gato. It feels like fate. “

Katie, meanwhile, previously admitted that she “did not know about unconditional love” before becoming a mother.

A 36-year-old pop star said, “I didn’t really really know about unconditional love. Obviously my mom has it for me, but I actually experienced it in the first person until my child was born. I didn’t, and it’s a whole different level. I think my life and art will always look playful through the eyes of the kids, so I can get involved with kids in their thirties. Is great. And let’s find the most fun adults in the room, they are still hanging. It’s the biggest gift in the world. “

The “Roar” hit maker also revealed to her daughter that she is playing many classic songs.

Asked if Daisy likes music, Katie explained:

“We are now on Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers is kicking. I play a lot of old souls, a lot of supreme, a lot of” Shake Shake Shake Senora “. I feel different. The other day I went to the gym and was playing the current pop music, and I was like, “What a hell, this is the first time I’ve heard the current music!”

Katy Perry’s daughter’s cat obsession | Celebrity

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